Seed Germinator/Incubator 250L

Seed Germinator adalah alat untuk perkecambahan biji, penanaman benih, budidaya histocyte dan mikroba, serta pemeliharaan hewan kecil dan percobaan suhu dan kelembaban lainnya. Alat ini menciptakan lingkungan di mana cahaya, kelembaban dan suhu dapat dikendalikan untuk memberikan kondisi optimal untuk perkecambahan biji.

Seed Germination Application:
This series of product is high-precision thermostatic equipment with functions of illumination and humidification.
It is widely used in plant cultivation, seed germination, seed growing, histocyte and microbe culturing,
as well as small animal raising and other temperature and humidity experiments.
It is the perfect equipment for production and research of biology, agriculture, forestry, genetic engineering and
graziery departments.

Seed Germination Characteristics:
1.Substantially three-side illumination.
2.Environmental fluoride-free compressor.
3.Hollow glass with spectrum characteristic.
4.SUS304 mirror stainless steel inner chamber.
5.Foursquare semicircle transition,freely removable shelf for convenient cleaning.
6.Air come in by air flue, winder blows tender, and temperature is uniform in the chamber.
7.It adopts advanced micro-computer programmable control mode, touch switch, easy to operation.
8.Intelligent thermostatic control system ensure accurate temperature, less temperature fluctuation.
9.Programmable control, no matter day or night ,independent to set temperature ,humidity and illuminance.
10.The heat dissipation and unique illumination could ensure uniform illumination and phototropism of plants.
11.Micro-computer temperature controller with multiple storable programs, each for maximum of 99 hours to set.
12.RS485 connector is option which can connect compute to record the parameters and the variations of temperature.
13.Functions of parameter memorizing and power reset recovering when power-cut-off and system-halt, ensure instrument continue operating when power on.
14.Over temperature alert, sensor abnormal protection, independently temperature limit system, auto-break-off to ensure safe experiment and no accident would happen.

Spesifikasi :
– Model: KRG-250
– Volume(L) : 250L
– Temp.Range(°C):10-50°C (with lighting), 4-50°C (without lighting)
– Working Temp.: 5-30°C
– Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
– Temp. fluctuation(°C): ±1°C
– Temp.resolution (°C): 0.1
– Illumination 6 degrees for adjust: 0-15000LX
– Power(W): 1900
– Inner Chamber Size W*D*H(mm): 580*500*850
– Exterior Size W*D*H (mm): 780*745*1560
– Shelves: 2 PCS

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