Safety Storage Cabinet for Weak Acid and Alkali

Cabinet for weak acid and alkali character
* Double wall construction with 38mm insulating air space for fire resistance.
* Over 1.2mm thick, fully welded, construction holds squareness for longer life, offering greater protection in a fire.
* 5cm leak tight sump at the bottom of cabinets maximum catches incidental drips
* Door can be fully open to 180°,easy to operate, three-point latch with a manual lock for better security
* Standardized warning label is highly visible and anticorrosive
* Unique spill-catcher shelves catch incidental drips and adjust on 6cm centers.
* Durable and chemical resistant, lead-free powder coat is painted inside cabinets minimizing the effects of corrosion and humidity
* 2inches vents with integral fame arresters in both sides of every cabinet
* In terms of OSHA, on outside side panel, there is built-in grounding static connector for easy grounding
* Cabinet capacity varies from 15L to 340L,single/two manual doors


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