Laminar Clean Bench

Major Technical Features

  • 1 LCD large-screen liquid crystal display screen displays each working parameters
  • Pattern reveals the humanized soft push controlling panel
  • Display in full Chinese at HEPA state, whole-process monitoring, automatic acoustic-optic pre-warning and warning for invalid state
    The wind speed is adjustable at stepless, LCD indicates the actually measured wind speed, which ensures the wind speed in the operating room at an ideal state
  • The open and close time of the blower and the UV sterilizing lamp can be willfully designed and automatically controlled
  • Be provided with clock indicating function, the experimental time can be displayed accumulatively
  • Equipped with high efficient air filtering system with preprocess filter
  • Up and down sliding front window, which can be positioned freely
  • Double side safe big screen window with wide viewpoint and good illumination
  • High quality stainless steel box with smooth and easy-clean internal corner
  • It has universal turning truckle and can move easily. It is also stable and reliable when fixed.

Technique Indices

  • Model: ZHJH-1214C New type vertical flow double-person
  • double-sided laminar clean bench
  • Cleanliness: Dust with the particle diameter ≥0.5μm within the working area should ≤3.5 piece/liter(class 100 if FS209E)
  • Average wind speed: 0.3m/s~0.6m/s
  • Nosie: ≤62dB(A)
  • Vibration half peak value: ≤5μm
  • Illumination: ≥300Lx
  • Power: AC220V±10%/50Hz±2Hz
  • Maximum power: 680W
  • Size of work area [W*D*H]: 1400*650*545mm
  • Size of outer [W*D*H]: 1520*790*1600mm
  • Weight: 225kg